Energy - WPP / Bandırma WPP (BARES) - Bandırma

A Project reducing the carbon emission of Turkey by 70 thousand tons annually
BARES is a wind power plant with 30MW installed power and has been in service since May 2006. At thetime it was completed Turkey’s total wind power installed capacity was 19 MW and BARES increased this amount by 150%. As Turkey’s first wind power plant that was established by private sector, BARES is located on the 10 km. west of Bandırma parallel to Marmara Sea.

Since the time BARES was put in service average of 70,000 tones of CO2 and greenhouse gas emission was reduced annually. The most important feature of BARES Project is that it was financed by TSKB as an environmental, clean, local and renewable energy resource.

BARES project
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Energy - GPP / Bereket GPP - Denizli

Turkey’s first geothermal power plant established by private sector
Bereket GPP has been in service since the beginning of 2008 in Sarayköy, Denizli. With 6.8 MW installed capacity it produces electric power based on geothermal sources.

The project is based on taking the independent organic gas isopentane inside the turbine and turning it with pressure by heating. Hot geothermal fluid taken from the wells is injected back to the well basin after it is cooled.

Besides being financed by TSKB, the most important feature of this project is that it produces electricity from geothermal fluid which is an environmental, clean, local and renewable energy resource and it is designed far beyond the investment models with a high priced purchase guarantee of government.

Energy - HEPP / Bahçelik HEPP - Kayseri

An exemplary plant producing clean energy from a completely renewable source
Located on Zamantı River close to Kayseri Bahçelik HEPP is one of the first HEPP projects that TSKB has financed. Bahçelik HEPP is a distinct Project as it was completed in a period when the government did not offer high purchase prices for electricity and was built on a renewable energy basis.

The plant was built beside the dam wall built by DSI (General Directorate of State Hydraulic Works) and the energy is used by another company of the project owner group. The main efficiency determinants in the plant are reservoir (catch basin) capacity and annual rain amount. Since the location of the plant is in a rainy region, energy production is continuous throughout the year. The stabilization capacity of the plant for changing currents resulting from seasonal rain is about 94%. The ratio of primer energy production amount is higher than the total production target.

Bahçelik HEPP project
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Energy - Landfill gas / Mamak Integrated Domestic Waste Disposal Project

A global scale plant with high social and environmental utilities
Accepted as a globally exemplary environment project ITC Mamak Integrated Domestic Waste Disposal Project aims rehabilitation of Mamak solid waste storage area and decomposing the waste (paper, glass, aluminum, plastic, nylon) and bringing them back to the economy by producing electricity from the garbage. The investment has started in 2006 and reached 22.4 MW installed capacity and continues in phases. The biogas formed in the feeding tanks is burned in the gas generators and turned to electric power.

Social and environmental utilities of the project

  • Within this project, solid waste with economic value is decomposed and brought back in the economy and as a result the amount of waste to be stored is reduced.
  • Before the project investment as the garbage was not processed, a great amount of methane gas emission was generated. Besides reducing the emission the investment enables the collected gases to be used in electric power production.
  • The project has Gold Standard Carbon Credit.
  • The rehabilitation of garbage storage areas also stopped the smell pollution in the region.
  • The Project created employment for about 200 unskilled laborers.
  • Another environmental benefit of the project is to grow tomatoes in the greenhouses built within the context of the project by heating them with the waste heat of the gas generators and forestation of the rehabilitated storage areas.

Mamak Integrated Domestic Waste Disposal project
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Tourism / Göçay Tourism - Hilton Dalaman Golf Resort & Spa

TSKB believes that tourism will play an important role in development
TSKB has recently financed a 5-star hotel and golf resort of Göçay Tourism, located and built in Sarıgerme tourism area (in Fevziye village of Ortaca town connected to Muğla). The hotel construction has been completed and started serving as Hilton Dalaman Golf Resort & Spa. The 18-hole golf course is planned to be completed by October 2010. In the tourism season, the project employs 450 people.

Hilton Dalaman Golf Resort project
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Education / Bilfen Schools

The example of “sustainable banking” in education sector
Since 1999, TSKB has been financing education projects of Etur. Founded in 1980, Etur has established one kindergarten, two primary schools (8 years) and three high schools and one tourism high school. Serving with Bilfen brand, all the schools have high success graphics and reputation.

Industrial facility based on agriculture / Keskinkılıç Gıda San ve Tic. A.Ş.

An efficient and environment-friendly plant
Turkey’s first private sugar factory was established in Aksaray by Keskinkılıç Gıda. With an annual production capacity of 112,350 metric tons, the factory was built on 550 acres (2,200,000 square meters) of land where the buildings take up about 250 acres (1,000,000 square meters) and the rest of the land is used for beet storage area, inventories, oil-cake desiccation facility, industrial treatment plants and roads. Also practical trainings to farmers for growing high efficiency sugar canes were organized. Keskinkılıç Gıda is an environment -friendly factory. The industrial waste water is processed in the chemical and biological waste water treatment unit with 250 m³/hr capacity as closed circuit and used in steam production of energy turbines. 480 people work in the factory during campaign season.