TSKB has been an absolute exemplary in sustainability since its establishment in 1950.

Playing an ongoing key role in Turkey’s economic development, the Bank has been a leader in banking sector by realizing the ‘firsts’ and has gained support and reputation from its stakeholders by its economic, social and environmental performance.

From issuing loans to its relations with the general public from the opportunities provided for its employees to internalizing environment through its products and services, TSKB has undersigned exemplary applications and projects in diverse areas.

Global awards winner TSKB believes that the key to sustainable development is sustainable banking and this belief summarizes the sustainability strategy of the Bank.

TSKB has been the first in its sector to;
  • start ISO 14001 Environmental Management System
  • win the Financial Times - International Finance Corporation (IFC) Sustainable Banking Award in Emerging Markets Category in 2008 and 2009
  • sign the United Nations Environment Programme Finance Initiative (UNEP FI)
  • offset its carbon footprint and to be certified as a ‘carbon neutral’ bank by HIER based in Netherlands and
  • use renewable energy in all its buildings.

TSKB is determinedly moving forward in a constantly changing business
The rapid developments in the world markets during 2007-2008 have changed the view to banking globally. The financial crises have strengthened the importance of risk management, transparency and sustainability.

TSKB believes in leaving a healthy and livable world to the next generations.
With this belief the Bank continues its sustainability journey purposefully.

By successfully implementing the strategies that it developed in the light of the special market dynamics, TSKB has continued to support real economy without sacrificing its actual mission and following its accurate risk policy.