A large portion of TSKB’s impacts on society and environment arises through its business relationships which are the integral parts of a comprehensive value production chain.

Understanding this value chain and maintaining its sustainability is perceived as the primary task by TSKB in the process of serving its products and services. This approach enables TSKB to strengthen the economic performance and to develop long term, versatile and innovative cooperation with clients.

Corporate Clients   Individual and corporate clients
Lending and Project Finance
  • Corporate lending
  • Project Finance
Corporate Finance
  • Public offerings of stocks
  • Consultancy on privatization
  • Mergers & Acquisitions
  • Issuing of debt instruments
  • Strategic consultancy
Capital markets intermediary facilities and portfolio management
  • Mutual funds
  • TSKB Trading Platform
  • Portfolio management
  • Capital and money markets intermediation services
  • Turkdex Turkish Derivatives Exchange
Two types of lending are used in TSKB:
  • Direct lending
  • Indirect lending (APEX banking).

Direct lending consists of financing investment projects of clients ranging from large corporate companies to SMEs. Gaining an increasing importance in the portfolio of TSKB in the recent years, project finance is especially developed to finance energy projects.

Renewable energy, energy efficiency and environment related lending holds an important part of TSKB’s product line. Related activities of TSKB are given in detail under the Sustainable Finance topic.

The indirect lending activities of TSKB are under APEX banking.
APEX banking enables TSKB to reach all the companies which are capillary vessels of the Turkish economy. It also creates an effective platform for TSKB to share its environment sensitive policies and principles with both intermediaries and the borrowing companies.

The related activities of TSKB are given in detail under APEX Bankingtopic.


TSKB is the leader of corporate finance in Turkey as a result of the projects realized since 1960, bringing peerless trust and reputation to the Bank.

TSKB is accepted as the most preferred solution provider on corporate finance in the current dynamic market conditions, undersigning numerous ‘firsts’ from the Privatization Master Plan of Turkey to first public offering of a company’s shares with firm underwriting. The Bank serves a wide range of clients on a non-discriminatory basis (public or private – local or foreign) in various business lines such as M&A’s, issuing of bonds, strategic consulting and public offerings.

TSKB provides brokerage and portfolio management services in capital markets for its individual and corporate clients with private banking approach.

TSKB Mutual Funds
TSKB provides its clients with 5 conventional investment funds and guaranteed sub funds developed in accordance to their expectations under an umbrella fund. The funds are based on risk preferences and managed by professional fund managers according to the Bank’s fund management strategies.

TSKB Trading Platform (TTP)
TTP is the trading platform where TSKB clients can reach stock exchange, futures - options and foreign currency markets on-line and make electronic transactions

Portfolio management, capital and money markets mediation services
In addition to portfolio management services TSKB provides its individual clients a wide range of investment services such as stocks, mutual funds, bonds and equity trade; repot and foreign currency transactions and alternative money and capital market transactions.

Turkdex Turkish Derivatives Exchange
TSKB serves the clients of Turkdex Turkish Derivatives Exchange where options and futures transactions are realized.