Scope and Boundary of the Report
This report is the first sustainability report of Industrial Development Bank of Turkey (will be mentioned as TSKB or the Bank in the following pages) and it is also the first report concerning sustainability issues in the Turkish finance sector.

This report covers the Bank’s sustainability performance on the most material issues of
  • environment and sustainable banking,
  • corporate governance and compliance,
  • social responsibility
in terms of
  • stakeholders,
  • corporate structure,
  • banking,
  • environment,
  • human resources
  • and community.

The subject topics that are approached throughout the report are determined as a result of a series of interviews done with the middle and top managers of the Bank in the light of the systematic studies that have been completed since 2006 which are open to international audit.

The findings gathered from the ongoing relationships with the priority stakeholders like shareholders, investors, clients and non-governmental organizations (NGOs) are also evaluated as a valuable data base and reference point.

This project has been undertaken by the leadership of TSKB Environment Management Representative and supported by Environmental Banking Focus Group, TSKB Environment Management System and Corporate Social Responsibility teams besides all related departments of the Bank.

Within the context of this report TSKB has not gone through any stakeholder engagement processes and it aims to execute such a study systematically before the preparation of the next report.

The content of the report is limited with the activities of TSKB only but not the subsidiaries’. Since the Bank represents a large portion of the consolidated financial volume of TSKB, its performance is primarily reported. In the future reports, performance of the subsidiaries on sustainability is planned to be included. Information about the Bank’s subsidiaries is given in the section TSKB’s subsidiaries.

Reporting period
Unless otherwise indicated, this report presents an account for the period from January 1, 2008 to June 30, 2009 (will be mentioned as 2009/1st half). The data included in this report will provide comparability for the Bank’s future sustainability reports.

Reporting cycle
TSKB plans to issue its next sustainability report in 2011 which will cover 2009/2nd half & 2010 and continue to report every 1.5 years.

Declaration of consistency to GRI G3 Guidelines
TSKB announces that this report is prepared in accordance with the GRI-Global Reporting Initiative G3 Guidelines and qualifies for Application Level C. (See GRI index)

Presentation of the report
Sustainability report of TSKB is prepared bilingually in Turkish and in English. The report can be downloaded as a PDF document from an interactive micro site reached through the main web site of the Bank.