Shareholder relations play an important role in designing and implementing effective sustainability and corporate responsibility strategy
TSKB is interactively communicating with a broad stakeholder community constituted by clients, staff and shareholders at its core. TSKB’s success lies in improving relationships with the core stakeholders. Concurrently, TSKB also interacts with a broad stakeholder community where the government, regulatory bodies, the other players of the banking industry, NGOs, media and suppliers of goods and services are all affiliates.

The relations with stakeholders help TSKB identify the corporate strategic priorities and develop appropriate policies. The Bank defines the sustainable development initiatives in the economic environment within the radius of its relations with stakeholders; hence can improve its contribution to the economic development through cooperation. Stakeholder relations also reveal the valuable information about the perception of TSKB and its brand awareness.

Stakeholders Scope of relationship, basis of dialogue and responsibility of TSKB towards its stakeholders
Clients TSKB is in touch with its clients 24/7. Headquarters and branches form the basis of service platform in interacting with the clients. Internet banking with various add-ons (TSKB Online Branch and TSKB Trading Platform) is another channel where clients receive quality, safe, environment-friendly and fast service.

Staff works according to predefined business processes and job descriptions while serving the clients and maintaining client satisfaction.
Staff TSKB’s primary responsibility towards its staff is accurate and just waging and maintaining the modern workplace standards.

TSKB fulfils the daily human resources needs through its HR policies. Concurrently, it provides training, development and career programs to its staff as well as management meetings in the radius of staff relations. TSKB also fulfils the staff needs by providing them with private pension and health insurance system.

The interactive communication with the staff is enhanced through TSKB’s high-tech intranet tool.
Shareholders, domestic and foreign investors TSKB’s main responsibility towards its shareholders and investors is to realize the utmost performance given the economic conditions and to share the outcomes with the related parties.

TSKB stocks are listed in the IMKB (Istanbul Stock Exchange). The Bank continuously communicates with shareholders and investors through annual board meetings and various other means. Investor Relations Team of TSKB fulfils the informative obligations stated by laws and regulations of Turkey and pays attention to provide shareholders and investors with transparent and accurate information. The Bank is in ongoing systematic relations with investors through means of road-shows, one to one meetings, teleconferences and e-mails.
Government and regulatory bodies Direct: Banking Industry in Turkey is regulated and supervised by BDDK (Banking Regulation and Supervision Agency), SDIF (TMSF), Treasury, Central Bank of the Republic of Turkey (TCMB), Capital Markets Board of Turkey (SPK), related ministries and other regulating bodies.

TSKB regularly communicates with these bodies whereby fulfilling the reporting and other informative obligations mandated by laws and procedures.

Indirect: TSKB plays an active role in operations initiated by government and regulatory bodies where the aim is to improve industrial policies and practices.
Foreign financial institutions Since its establishment in 1950, TSKB has been cooperating with supranational institutions such as the World Bank, EIB (European Investment Bank), CEB (Council of Europe Development Bank), IFC (International Finance Corporation), AFD (Agence Française de Développement), KfW (Kreditanstalt für Wiederaufbau), and JBIC (Japan Bank of International Corporation).

TSKB allocates long-term funds provided from these institutions to those projects which have the utmost effect on sustainable development in mid and long-terms.

Project assessment and finance capabilities and methodology of TSKB is compatible with those of foreign financial institutions and they meet these institutions’ statutory standards of lending.
Suppliers TSKB supports the initiatives that improve sustainable development in its relations with suppliers. The Bank requires certain sustainability and environmental criteria and specifically positions environmental issues in supplier contracts.
NGOs TSKB communicates and cooperates with NGOs in various subjects with environment as the foremost concern where the public sensitivity is high. The Bank takes part in various operations, supports action plans and takes action in order to fulfill the obligations of corporate social responsibility with environment being the primary concern.
Media The Corporate Communication Department of TSKB organizes the daily relations with media; performs its duties by answering the questions accurately and abruptly.
Banking Industry TSKB plays an active role in supporting the actions of The Banks Association of Turkey (TBB) by contributing to industry wide initiatives.
TSKB holds the chair of “TBB Environmental Working Group” This group’s initiative includes actions such as training and building awareness among the project finance related industry players for increasing sensitivity towards environmental issues.