TSKB has set its sustainability priorities on the axes of
  • environment and sustainable banking
  • corporate governance and compliance
  • social responsibility.

TSKB developed its business strategies in accordance with the following objectives;
  • To support the sustainable development model of Turkey
  • To play an important role in the combat against climate change
  • To support the transition of Turkey’s industry to low carbon economy

TSKB’s sustainability priorities and the relationships between them are shown on the following diagram.

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Environment and sustainable banking: As the leading bank to finance environmental investments in Turkey, TSKB aims to reduce its direct and indirect negative impacts on environment systematically.

Climate change is one of the most material issues for TSKB regarding its business strategies. The Bank also aims to reduce the negative impacts of its stakeholders on environment.

Regarding its interactive business relationships with its clients TSKB considers regulations, environment and social risks and shapes its products and services in accordance with the criteria of sustainable banking. TSKB directs its financing activities towards such investments as to support the combat against climate change. In this context, renewable energy, energy efficiency and environmental investments are the priority sectors targeted.

Access to international financial resources: TSKB is capable of accessing international financial resources and providing mid to long term financing with optimum cost, which is one of the most important components of sustainable banking. TSKB is the bridge between financial resources - cement of development- and investments.

Social contribution: Since the day it was established TSKB considers common welfare, human resources and social responsibilities in all its operations. As a preferred company to work for and with happy employees, TSKB aims to contribute to the development of the society with the projects that it finances and the products, services and employment created as a result of these projects. NGOs being foremost, TSKB takes pain over its relationships to be interactive with all its stakeholders.

Optimum solutions to Turkey’s needs: TSKB is proud of its role to contribute to the growth of the Turkish industry, being a real sustainability exemplary by supporting the Turkish private sector since 1950. With its experience, knowledge and competencies, TSKB focuses on finding the best solutions for the sustainable development of the Turkish economy.

TSKB Business Principles: The business principles that TSKB developed through the last 59 years include compliance with laws and regulations, strong, respected and consistent relationships with clients, ethical values, satisfaction of its employees, sensitivity to environmental issues and social responsibility.

Responsible marketing and financing: TSKB applies ethical principles of banking in all its marketing and financing operations. Keeping client-bank interests at an optimum level, TSKB tenaciously considers compliance with laws and regulations and transparency while executing client transactions.
Accepting client satisfaction as a basic component of sustainability, TSKB provides the highest quality services for its clients.

Environment Management System and ISO 14001: TSKB has been responsible and sensitive to environment since 1980’s, seeing it as an integral part of banking and realized its environmental approach in 2006 by establishing Environment Management System (EMS), which has an ongoing, systematic structure and is open to international audit. Awareness and sensitivity to environmental issues will always be among the top business principles of TSKB.