Cevreciyiz.com: The most Comprehensive Environment Portal of Turkey

As the most comprehensive environment-related web portal of the country, cevreciyiz.com went online on May 2, 2007.
The most updated news on environment, the environment agenda of Turkey and the world, researches and articles of academicians, NGOs, and related professionals, special environment-related cases, regulations on environment, the requirements to be compliant with the regulations, individual and corporate success stories, virtual photo exhibitions of famous nature photographers, tools to measure environmental risks and to bring constructive suggestions are all included on the web site, as well as the parts exclusively aimed at the youngsters and children.

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Publishing approach to turn knowledge to utility
Having a lean, sharing and user-friendly publishing approach cevreciyiz.com turns knowledge to utility by a managing team of experts of environment and online publishing. All the content and photos published on the web site belong to expert and professional participants. Since the beginning of the project, cevreciyiz.com has never compromised its high quality.

The most important characteristic of cevreciyiz.com is its interactivity providing the readers with questionnaires, online contests and e-bulletin membership. The portal also invites all its readers to share their knowledge and experience through ‘Be Our Author’ feature.

Having been established as the communication channel of “Environment is Our Priority” project, the portal has greeted World Environment Day on June 5th with a brand-new face and new messages and launched its English version as well.

As of yearend 2009 and towards its third year, cevreciyiz.com sends e-bulletins to about 10,000 subscribers and is visited by approximately 1000 people monthly.

Cevreciyiz.tv is preparing to broadcast
With its aim to increase the knowledge and awareness level by creating the feeling of embracing the nature and to support positive attitude among all ages and segments of the community, cevreciyiz.com comes up with a great surprise to launch the first environment-related video portal of Turkey cevreciyiz.tv on November 23, 2009.

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