For Turkey’s sustainable development;
  • Providing mid to long term financing for entrepreneurs,
  • Supporting foreign capital investments in Turkey as the best local business partner,
  • Playing a significant and continuous role in the development of Turkey’s capital markets,
  • Providing its clients with tailor made and innovative financial solutions and mediation services,
  • Creating increasing value added to its employees, shareholders and all other stakeholders,
  • Playing a pioneering role in sustainable banking with an environment-friendly approach in the execution of all banking activities.

TSKB's vision is to be the pioneering bank in Turkey's sustainable development.

  • The solid capital structure and strong shareholders
  • The ability to access low-cost, long-term funding
  • The experience to provide mid-term and long-term financing
  • The capability to reach an extensive client base with low operational costs.

TSKB’s corporate objective is to improve its leader position and profitability in the fields of corporate loans and investment banking which form its main scope of business.
  • TSKB has drastically achieved this objective with proactive business strategies it has put into practice in the recent years. The Bank will continue to provide funds for the Turkish economy and to support the Turkish private sector in the coming years.
  • Being the permanent address for the largest privatization projects, corporate finance transactions and M&A’s (mergers and acquisitions) in Turkey, TSKB will maintain its place as one of the most active players in the market.
  • In order to raise the funds required to contribute to the constant economic development needed in Turkey, TSKB is determined to provide its clients with the most attractive financing opportunities in the market. In this context, the Bank improves its strong cooperation with international financial institutions and banks.
  • TSKB has started “Environment is Our Priority’’ which is one of the most comprehensive social responsibility projects realized in Turkey

TSKB is determined to pioneer the concept of ''sustainability'' in Turkey through its exemplary projects and applications.