TSKB is systematically and interactively in cooperation with NGOs while executing its social responsibility projects. Summary information about these NGOs is given in the following table.

NGOs That TSKB Cooperates With
TEMA – The Turkish Foundation for Combating Soil Erosion, Reforestation and Protection of Natural Habitats TEMA’s activities mainly include fighting against erosion, and the Foundation works intensely to create awareness on all segments of society about erosion.
TÜRÇEK – Turkish Environmental And Woodlands Protection Society TÜRÇEK works on preserving environment and nature.
TURMEPA – Turkish Marine Environment Protection Association TURMEPA works on protecting Turkey’s seas and shores from pollution to leave a healthy environment for the next generations.
REC – Regional Environmental Center REC works on different fields of sustainable development, and gives support to environmental stakeholders on topics such as environmental policy, biodiversity, climate change, renewable energy, environmental information, water and waste management.
ÇEKÜL – The Foundation for the Promotion and Protection of the Environment and Cultural Heritage ÇEKÜL considers natural resources, cultural heritage and humans as a whole and formulates and implements projects at ‘city-basin-region-country’ levels.
YEŞİL ADIMLAR (GREEN STEPS) – Foundation of Environmental Education Yeşil Adımlar Foundation of Environmental Education works on creating awareness about environment which is needed for a healthy 21st century society who is in peace with nature and city life.
İKSV – Istanbul Foundation of Culture and Arts İKSV is a worldwide known culture and arts foundation in Turkey.
TCK – Turkish Geographical Society TCK works on development of geography, geology and other social sciences in Turkey.