TSKB provides high added-value services to an extensive portfolio of clients.
TSKB provides services in the areas of corporate lending, project finance, investment banking, corporate finance, capital markets brokerage, leasing and portfolio management.

TSKB plays an important role in the growth and development of the Turkish economy through the long-term financing that it provides to investment projects and through its customized consultancy and brokerage services.

The Bank considers the environmental impacts of each financing it provides and with the renewable energy, energy efficiency, environment and SME loans it secures from the supranational institutions, it supports the investments of different sectors.

Turkey’s Environment-Friendly Bank
TSKB's mission of being Turkey's “environment-friendly bank” is applied as an essential component of all its activities from credit-evaluation to social responsibility and social awareness enhancement projects.

41.5% of TSKB shares are traded at the Istanbul Stock Exchange (national market) under the “TSKB” symbol. The Bank's main shareholder (controlling a 50.1% stake) is Türkiye İş Bankası Group. As of September 30, 2009, TSKB’s total assets reached TRY 6,654 million.

As a complete local bank, TSKB’s headquarters are located in Istanbul and has branches in Izmir and Ankara.

Detailed information on TSKB shares and capital distribution is given on the Bank’s web site.