With strong and stable economic, environmental and social performance, TSKB grows in accordance to its mission and creates increasing value for its stakeholders.

Economic Performance
Financial and operational performance of 2008-2009/1st period represents TSKB’s strengths. In a period of global economic crisis, TSKB acted in line with its sustainable banking mission and transferred resources to real economy.

Corporate competencies and advantages enable TSKB to keep its strong performance in the second half of 2009 and in 2010 and the Bank will continue to support the real economy to leave the crisis behind.

Financial Highlights
(TRY) Million 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009/Q3
Key Financial Parameters          
Total Assets 3,319 4,062 4,883 6,209 6,654
Loan Portfolio 1,789 2,478 2,785 3,884 3,770
Shareholders’ Equity 550 589 738 750 996
Net Profit 98 106 147 119 133
Key Ratios          
Average return on equity 21.0% 18.7% 22.2% 16.0% 20.3%
Average return on assets 3.5% 2.9% 3.3% 2.1% 2.8%
Capital adequacy ratio 36.8% 32.9% 27.4% 21.1% 24.3%

Environmental Performance
TSKB has been calculating its carbon footprint since 2006 which and has become the first carbon neutral bank of Turkey. The audit of carbon footprint calculations which has been done by Ecofys and HIER from Holland assured that the Bank is carbon neutral. To reduce its carbon footprints, TSKB has developed systematic strategies since the beginning of 2009.

By using ERET (Environmental Risk Evaluation Tools), TSKB analyzes the environmental impacts created by its financing activities and categorizes its environmental risks. The Bank has announced, in its new environmental policy in 2009, its intent to act more responsible about climate change and that it will also produce solutions.

Social Performance
TSKB perceives that the economic value of preserving the environment while transferring resources and the profitability are equal in value. In 2007, as the environment-friendly bank of Turkey, TSKB started a social responsibility project called “Environment is Our Priority”

The project is supported by NGOs, scientists and artists and aims to increase the awareness level of the community. Some of the most important activities within the context of the project are Environment is Our Priority with TSKB Conference, Opportunities and Expectations in Renewable Energy Conference in a joint organization with Turkish Treasury and environmental portal aiming to be the most comprehensive one in Turkey.