From 1950’s to 2000’s
1950’s Provide technical assistance to project sponsors - Provide medium to long term loans to private sector on project basis
1960’s Underwrite and guarantee corporate bond issues - Offer to public mature shares from its equity portfolio - Issue its own long term bonds - Have its records audited by an independent auditing company
1970’s Promote private investment in underdeveloped regions - Mobilize funds through medium term syndicated loans from Euro-market - Undertake major sector research work on industry and service sectors
1980’s Construct short-term econometric model of the Turkish Economy - Construct funds flow model of Turkish Financial Sector - Provide foreign currency based investment loans with FX risk cover - Issue its own bonds in international capital markets - Conduct Producer Surveys on various sectors of economy - Secure lines of buyer credit from European and Japanese institutions - Offer Consultancy and advisory services in textiles and other sectors in cooperation with international advisors - Privatization consultancy for state owned cement factories - Issue its own short term commercial paper as well as guarantee and market those of its clients - Prepare Turkey’s first Privatization Master Plan - Realize the first public offering of a company’s shares with firm underwriting - Establish line of equity relations with Islamic Development Bank
1990’s Enter into long-term currency and interest rate swap agreements with international banks - Provide floating-rate based medium term Turkish Lira loans to industry - Provide consultancy services to European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) in Uzbekistan - Management of a Risk Capital Fund provided by the European Investment Bank - Undertook a voluntary “Risk Management Review” supported by World Bank
2000’s Provision of a credit line specifically for a healthier environment - First bank to establish a real estate appraisal company with Capital Market Board Approval - Provision of Secretariat service to the Istanbul Approach - Creation of a Risk based credit pricing model - First Turkish Institution to receive a loan from Agence Française de Développement  - First Turkish Institution to become a shareholder of European Investment Fund - The first Turkish owned bank to obtain the ISO 14001 Environment Management Certificate - The first Turkish Bank to calculate and neutralize its carbon footprint